Truth in the Wild
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crested butte, co

Using nature as a backdrop for personal growth.



truth in the wild™ • just keep going

Truth in the Wild™ was born out of a need.

A need for authenticity, personal truth, and an amplified life.

I was tired of living for a dream that on a subconscious level, I didn't think I could actually achieve.

I was tired of lazing my days away on social media, on Netflix, pining over adventure, new experiences, and coffee in the woods, while not having any idea how to achieve the life I wanted.

Truth in the Wild™ is dedicated to figuring out how--with bills, with deadlines, commitments to people, and all the complexities that come with living--to lead an amplified life of adventure, awe-inspiring happiness, and living from a place of authentic truth, without a trust fund.

Truth in the Wild™ is a space for personal growth that takes a bow towards the lessons of nature, and how it allows us to slow down, quiet our minds and focus our attention. 

Truth in the Wild™ is a collective learning on how to squeeze life out of, what can feel like at times, a pretty dried up rock. Its choosing self-acceptance over self-sabotage. Its learning that our minds are powerful tools that can bring us success, or keep us stuck in failure.

But most of all, its about paying attention to the right things, the simple beauty that lays at our feet day after day. And that lesson is best learned in the wild.

Because, after all, attention is the matchstick.

It can either light your candle, or burn your house down.

Thanks for being here.


Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire
— Dan Brown


Hikes & Workshops

Truth in the Wild™ will be hosting hikes in the Crested Butte, CO area. We will be seeking other opportunities to host hikes and workshops in other areas, including collaborations at yoga studios and similar locations. If you or your business is interested in collaborating or hosting Truth in the Wild™ workshops and hikes, email Cayla here.

Just Keep Going
— Truth in the Wild™ Mantra